About The Ben Lemon Team

We believe every customer should have the best loan experience possible.

Welcome to the Ben Lemon Team.

Our loan officers and team members on The Ben Lemon Team always make sure they are providing the best customer service to each individual client. We give special attention to each transaction because behind each loan is a person or family wanting to get a better mortgage than they currently have or wanting to get the home of their dreams. The Ben Lemon Team at Citywide Home Loans will be there every step of the way to make sure that happens.
One of the very many things that sets us apart from other companies is the way we communicate with our clients. We make it a point at every moment to communicate what is happening and we address any potential concerns they may have. We believe communication is key in the loan process because it builds trust with our clients. Because we treasure the relationship we have with each of our clients, our loan process is comfortable and efficient.
Another thing that sets us apart from other mortgage companies are the different roles each team member has. Each member has specific roles so they can provide maximum service in that specific area. Our goal as a team is to make sure the loan process is seamless. We will make sure our goal is accomplished with every transaction.

The Ben Lemon Team - Citywide Home Loans
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