The Importance of Hand Written Thank You Notes

My birthday was at the beginning of this month (yes.. I might still be celebrating it ;)) – and I received a card in the mail from my… wait for it… DENTIST! Really? My dentist?? It was a cute little card with a picture and funny saying on it with a super short, handwritten message on the inside meant for only me on my special day. I was SO impressed that he took a split second out of his day to think of me. It is little things like that that make a huge difference in the way people run their businesses. Clients will always always always return. Any type of handwritten note, makes someone feel appreciated and needed and that feeling is totally invaluable.

Handwritten notes are not only beneficial to our clients though.. Let’s not forget about our boss, co-workers, and team members! I have made it a goal starting Monday of next week to write at least 5 thank you cards to go to my boss, co-workers, or team members. I seriously believe that “team work makes the dream work” and when we show appreciation for each other, we are WAY more willing to go the extra mile when fulfilling a certain task. Not only does that benefit the clients and other co-workers, but it gives everyone a bigger sense of accomplishment.

Next time someone does some little or even something super awesome for you, take 2 minutes, write a simple thank you note and see what happens.

I promise, you won’t regret it!

Have a fabulous day, everyone!

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