Agents: Why Co-Branding with a Lender is the Best Thing for Your Business!

Okay okay.. I think we all can understand how insane the real estate business is. Real estate agents are always running back and forth between their office, showings, open houses, etc. while still trying to make time to keep the rest of their business running properly while juggling all of their clients.

The word ‘marketing’ can be quite the swear word when your business starts getting busy. It is the first thing that gets pushed to the side while putting clients and their needs first. One saying that our team lives by is “Be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE”. There will always come a time when deals close and business starts to slow down.. it is so important to always be building your business while you’re closing business. However, marketing does takes time, money and creativity.

As a lender, we love love love the agents we work with and will do our best to help them build their business! Team work makes the dream work!!  Co-branding is one of our favorite ways to help out. It is literally our fav. Thing. Ever! We, as the lender, do all the work, get the finished product to you and we just split the cost. What do you gain? Um, everything! You keep your time, your sanity, save half of the money you would have spent on other marketing, and you potentially gain new clients.

Just remember that of course, every mortgage company has different marketing guidelines to stay compliant with all the laws and regulations so make sure you talk deets with the lender but generally speaking, this is how it works! Not only is it pain free and half the cost for you but it gives you WAY more street cred, if you will, when you are paired with a lender on flyers, postcards, calenders, etc.

Dont forget to ask your lender for a co-branded flyer to handout when you go door knocking! The flyers can give you stuff to talk about when your people open the door.  If your lender can’t help you out with co-branding, come to us.. The Ben Lemon Team at Citywide Home Loans will totally take care of ya. 🙂

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